My Story


Hi, I’m Kelsey! Welcome to my one-woman show.

I spent a year living in South Carolina and upon returning home to Utah in 2013 was unable to find a job. Months passed in frustration because I was spending countless hours applying for jobs only to have all of those applications lead to nowhere. One day in February of 2014 I decided I better either find something or make something that did work for me. That same week my sister and I went to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and in that movie Walter Mitty receives a simple trifold wallet with text inside. I thought “that’s really cool! I’ve never seen a wallet with text like that before. Maybe I could make and sell those.”

I knew virtually nothing about leather, but I decided it was worth a try. I told my mom about my idea and she said something about going to the leather store to find out what supplies I would need to make a wallet – I didn’t even know leather stores existed! I googled where the closest leather store was and headed up there to find out what was needed to make a wallet.  I purchased the necessary supplies and headed straight home to try it out. I made my very first, extremely simple, wallet that day and I was so excited!

I began telling people about my idea, some were excited and supportive and others were not. I realized that in telling people about my idea I was searching for outside validation that my idea was good and had potential to be successful. I was scared to try something so new and so different! I realized I was afraid of failing, and I didn’t want to do something if I was just going to fail. I had to decide if I was going to let my fear hold me back from trying something new, but ultimately asked myself – “in 10 years what will I regret more? Trying something new and failing, or not trying at all?” I decided I would rather try something new, even if I did fail, than let my fear hold me back!

I pushed my fears and insecurities aside and within 2 weeks of making my first wallet I had my Etsy shop up and running. Slowly, very slowly, my sales increased and in just a little over 6 months I was able to do it full time! I was so excited to be handcrafting leather products full time and loved being to make such unique products for people. Each weekend I could hardly wait for Monday to roll around so I could keep working on orders and think of new product designs.

In the end, I’m so grateful that I wasn’t able to find a job during all those months. If I had I can almost guarantee you I would be working for someone else and wouldn’t have found my passion for leather work!