Leather Care

In Case of Spills: 
Keep in mind your product is water resistant, not water proof! In case of a spill on your product it is best to
wipe it off immediately with a clean, dry cloth. After wiping off the spill be sure to buff the wallet with a dry
towel as this will give a little shine to your product! You can buff your product at any time to spruce it up a bit.


General Care:
The only nourishment leather receives is what we provide for it. In order to retain its natural beauty and
to keep it nourished I recommend applying a coat of conditioner every 6 months. I prefer to use Renapur
Leather Balsam or Fiebing Aussie Leather Conditioner. Both will continue to keep your leather water resistant
and will make your product shine! After applying the conditioner just be sure to buff the leather with a dry
cloth. This will not only buff off any excess conditioner but will also leave your product shining.